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The field of Quantum Biofeedback devices is an area that has seen much development in the past decade and It is part of a newly emerging field.  The living matrix of energy that is within and around the body carries an extensive amount of information that can be assessed and communicated with using frequencies to balance the natural energies of the body, ultimately re-educating the body to heal itself with the information received.  Reducing energetic stress upon the body improves overall performance of the human system.

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In the reality of Quantum Biofeedback, a flow of energy connects every cell, every organ, every thought and every emotion.  The ease or the interference of that flow of energy reflects a profound system of communication that demonstrates the body / mind intelligence.


As a Quantum Biofeedback Device, the Genesis III System offers an easy-to-operate computer interface that provides safe, gentle and effective energetic programs to create and integrate an environment of wellness, balance and harmony.  The Genesis III System works on an energetic level to clear blocks relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.


Laboratory testing has proven the positive effects of biofeedback for stress reduction, pain management and many other conditions. The system receives information from the body field, and the biofeedback program works to organize chaotic energy back into a natural and harmonious state of well-being.


The Genesis III System is a technique that measures the resistance to the flow of electrons through the body.  Since illness, inflammation, and other factors cause the body's resistance to change, the Genesis III System can be used to detect these changes in resistance.


The Genesis III System consists of a computerized device and an easy-to-use software interface.  The device allows technicians to measure the resistance of acupoints noninvasively while the software presents the results in an attractive and meaningful manner.


The Genesis III System measures electrical currents in the body much like an EKG machine measures the electrical activity of the heart.  The data the Genesis III System  acquires can be used to determine the areas of electrical imbalance in the body.  This allows the technician to conduct a dynamic assessment on the meridians of the body's organs, systems, and tissues, showing much about their basic functional status.


The Genesis III System can be used to show how much stress an organ's meridian is under and can aid the technician in determining what can be helpful in eliminating the imbalance.  Another benefit of the Genesis III System is that it can be used to monitor the progress of therapy.  This helps avoid much trial and error.


In today's world there are many harmful substances and stresses that the body is exposed to, such as heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.), pesticides, drugs, chemical toxins, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and allergies.  All of these alter the normal body processes.  The Genesis III System can help pinpoint the source of such imbalances and aid in re-balancing the body.


Remember, the flow of electrons through the body is dependent on the resistance of the body.  The Genesis III System measures this resistance and the software simultaneously records and displays the values for the meridian tested.  The Genesis III System software allows you to keep histories of readings for clients so that their progress can be monitored.


The user of the Genesis III System can access extensive built-in product and information libraries and/or directly test products that are not in the libraries.  They can then use that information along with their knowledge and training to begin the process of determining how to re-establish balance in the meridians.  Knowledge of human physiology plays a large part in the balancing procedure.   All the organs and systems within the body are important for life.  Recognizing which organs or systems have an energy imbalance establishes the focal point of the balancing procedure.  After balancing the focal area, the other meridians can be balanced in order of importance in the body.


With the combination of ancient knowledge, current research, and technology, the Genesis III System ushers in the information age with health and wellness technology for the 21st century and beyond. The Genesis III System allows technicians to evaluate an infinite number of products for use in restoring equilibrium to imbalanced meridians, in a completely non-invasive manner, for your Optimal Wellness.



The Genesis III system is to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia System.  It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction.  No claims are made of the Genesis III system or its results and nothing that the Genesis III practitioner does diagnoses or treats any illness or disease or replaces any other treatment. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. Please also consult your family medical doctor before undertaking any health program.

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