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Thermography is now offered at all of our locations with the latest technology and equipment on the market!


The US has the highest rate of breast disease in the world. The good news is that research has finally confirmed it is not primarily related to family history. This means it is a preventable disease. Even more compelling, it means that a strategy for minimizing your odds of developing breast disease can be to make basic lifestyle changes while incorporating new, predictive screening technologies like Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging. Thermography can forewarn women of breast health problems up to 8 years before symptoms may be visible. Avoiding breast cancer sounds like a better idea than just detecting it.

Don't be a victim of disease

Here at Optimal Wellness our thermographs are interpreted by Physicians Insight MDs. They are a  network of board-certified medical doctors who are specialists in infrared imaging analysis.

Human Dynamics Thermal Imaging is an art as much as a science. As we live and breathe, we are not aware of the constant, pulsating cellular activity that literally keeps us alive and is constantly challenged to keep us healthy. How easy it is for us to ignore the invisible physiological signs of cellular and metabolic stress. The astounding truth is that this is the level where all abnormalities begin and it is also the level where it is easiest to correct.


Early Stage Detection

The most phenomenal truth is that we can detect the changes at this stage through the lens of the infrared thermal imaging camera. This means that thermography opens a crucial entryway to preventive medicine as a method of controlling the diseases that we currently only recognize at the latest advanced stages.


As cellular and metabolic stresses cascade into progressive degeneration, the end result is that they finally reveal themselves in the manifestation of anatomical damage many years later. That is where patients and their doctors find themselves today with late stage detection requiring aggressive treatment.


New Level of Care

If you agree that early detection and prevention are preferable strategies to later stage detection and treatment, then you must realize that thermography is the most qualified technology to meet that end. We invite you to experience a new level of care.


Breast thermography is a safe, non-invasive and affordable procedure that can detect the first signs of abnormal cell growth up to 10 years before other procedures using an innovative tool called a Thermal imaging camera.


The different types of thermal imaging screenings are listed below.


All of these screenings include:


1. A full report from Physician's Insight


A reliable, efficient interpretation service is the key to providing patients with timely thermal imaging results.


Interpreter qualifications: Board certified MDs, trained to analyze thermal images, will provide the report analysis through the Physicians Insight management system. Provision for overreads and consultations with their peers are always available to each reading thermologist.


Image quality assurance: Images are reviewed immediately after submission to assure that the imaging techniques are optimal for accurate analysis.


Timely processing: Physicians Insight, as part of its time commitment, tracks the progress of your patient’s images and information thru the system assuring delivery of the final report within 48 hours.


HIPAA compliant: The Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) called for the establishment of standards and requirements for transmitting certain health information to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care system while protecting patient privacy. The Administrative Simplification Regulations have been developed to implement these statutory provisions. And authorization form is included with each screening.


Integrity: A medical interpretation service must hold to the highest ethical standards. It is important that you have confidence and trust in your interpretation provider to always maintain your patient’s images and reports on secure servers. Experienced healthcare providers using other interpretation services are acutely aware that a provision should be in the contract protecting this information and providing for continued unlimited access to patient records in the event that interpretation service is no longer required. Physicians Insight always provides uninterrupted access to patient reports and protection from indiscriminate termination of service.



2. Copies of all thermal imagine photos are included in report.


3. A half-hour consultation to review your report, which includes corresponding nutritional and nutraceutical recommendations to support and improve clinical findings.

How it works

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No claims are made of any of our treatments or their results and nothing that our practitioners do diagnoses or treats any illness or disease or replaces any other treatment. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. Please also consult your family medical doctor before undertaking any health program.


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The skin is the communication hub for inter-connectivity of the body’s systems. Thermography detects sensitive and minute dynamic temperature of the skin. Through infrared technology (Thermography), the real-time story of the body is unveiled. Early detection and the opportunity for timely investigation and intervention are key advantages for both patient and physician. Thermography is ideal for preventative medicine.At Carolina Medical Thermography

(CMT) we offer full body and specific body area screenings.

The different types of thermal imaging screenings are listed below.

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